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Victoria Falls The Smoke that thunders
Published by : Photo Safari
From the time David Livingstone told the outside world of the Victoria Falls, millions of visitors from every corner of the earth have come to view the greatest natural wonder in Southern Africa. Visitors should make sure to tour the falls both during the morning ang the afternoon as the light and rainbows play differently at various times of the day.



Victoria Falls Mosi Oa Tunya
Published by : African Publishing Group
Recollections of my first visit to Victoria Falls in1958 are somewhat hazy. In this part this is due to the passing of time. In larger measure it is because I was distracted by the beauty of a leading British model of the day.
But such recollections as I have are of a ‘Blimpish” place frequented by retired British army officers, tweeded and brogued ladies, wealthy American and European tourists, and the few, mostly South African whites, who could afford to stay in the only hotel, or who camped.

ISBN 77901 136 9


Tourist Map Zimbabwe
Published by : Photo Safari

Welcome to Zimbabwe, a land of warm hospitality, scenic beauty, wildlife adventure and exciting entertainment! Zimbabwe meaning houses of stones was named after Great Zimbabwe ruins which were constructed by an early Shona empire nearly eight hundred years ago. Intricate dry stone construction make up the large complex including the Great enclosure and the Colonial Tower. The national bird is the national symbol of the country



Tourist Map of Hwange National Park
Published by : Photo Safari

Hwange National Park is the largest in Zimbabwe occupying roughly 14 600 square kilometers. It became the royal hunting grounds to the Zulu warrior king Mzilikazi in the early 19th century and was set aside as a National park in 1929.



Tourist Map of Great Zimbabwe , Lake M´tirikwi an the Masvingo Area Published by : Photo Safari

Great Zimbabwe (meaning houses of stones) is the remnants of a large city built some 500 to 800 years ago and inhabited by a population of up to 20 000 people. Constructed at the heart of a vast Shona empire, the walls of Great Zimbabwe are made from individually hewn pieces of granite carefully pieced together without the use of mortar.



Tourist Map Of Bulawayo
Published by : Photo Safari

Welcome to Bulawayo, City of the Kings! This beautiful city has many scenic and historical attractions to offer the visitor. Bulawayo was established as the capital of the Ndebele people (those who carry long shields) when Lobengula, son of King Mzilikazi, founder of the Ndebele Nation, ascended to the throne in the 1870s. Zimbabwe’s second largest city, Bulawayo literally means “the place of killing”.



Tourist Map of Zimbabwes Eastern Highlands
Published by : Photo Safari

Welcome to the Eastern Highlands, a large mountainous region stretching along Zimbabwes’ eastern border comprising peaks and valleys, rivers and waterfalls, unique animal and bird life, and a stunning array of indigenous flora and evergreen forests.



Tourist Map of Victoria Falls & Zambezi National Park
Published by : Photo Safari

Victoria Falls is one of the Worlds largest and most breath taking waterfalls in the world. The falls have a width of over 1,7 km plunging some 70-108 metres into the gorge below at the rate of 550 million litres per minute during the high water season. The force of this immense volume of water sends a plume of mist as high as 500 metres into the air which can be seen at a great distance giving rise to the local name of Mosi oa Tunya (the smoke that thunders).




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